In this section you will find lots of useful information on legal processes in respect of property
Whether you are buying or selling, renting or leasing, extending your lease or thinking about purchasing a buy to let home, there is something here for you

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    Boundaries  Keep your old deeds safe… Contrary to popular belief, it has never been the Land Registry’s job to say
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    Building Insurance

    Building Insurance A property should be insured by the buyer usually from exchange of contracts. Generally flats are insured by
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    Leasehold Extensions

    Leasehold Extensions  If you are thinking of extending your lease or if you are buying a property with a short
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    Squatters’ Rights?

    Squatters’ Rights? “Squatter’s rights” The legal term for ‘Squatter’s rights’ is ‘Adverse Possession’. Generally, in order to have any chance
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    Step by step conveyancing guide to buying a house

    Step by step conveyancing guide to buying a house Step One You instruct us. We will send you a full
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    When do I have to pay the balance of money due

    When do I have to pay the balance of money due Whether you are buying or selling we will ask

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty is changing in the UK from the 1st April 2016. As at that date any property which completes will be charged stamp duty at different rates


Searches Actually there a number of searches a lawyer will typically make. For instance environment searches are more and more.

Joint Ownership

Joint Ownership Unmarried? If you are not married, it is very important to legally agree now whether you each own…


Cybercrime & conveyancing Conveyancing clients and conveyancers have been targeted increasingly by sophisticated fraudsters over the last few years.


Surveys: Update and Advice A survey is essential | ‘Let the buyer beware’ | Valuations are not surveys Let the

Title Insurance

Why title insurance? In recent years, the use of title insurance has increased considerably. There are many reasons for this.

Building Regulations


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