Purchase Disbursements

(approx) £’s up to £200k
Local searches: 115.00
Enviro search: 49
Water search: 49
Bank Transfer Fee: £40
Final searches: 6
Land Registry: 170
Stamp Duty: 1 % of price

What We Charge

Our fees for purchases up to £200k is £695 plus vat. Whether they are leasehold or not. Our fee is the same for sales. On top of those fees you will have to pay the disbursements listed on the left. Our fees do increase slightly the greater the price for example a £495k purchase is likely to cost you £695 pus vat.

Sale Disbursements

(approx) £’s up to £200k
Office copies: 16
Bank Transfer Fee: £40.


If you are selling a leasehold property your landlord may charge you to provide you with the information your buyer will need. This ranges from landlord to landlord but is likely to be more expensive the bigger the block you reside in. It can be as much as £300

If you are buying a leasehold we have to serve notice on the landlord after you have moved in that you are now the owner. He has to acknowledge that notice but the leases usually say he can charge for doing so. That charge can be as little as a few pounds to as much as £200 depending on who the landlord is.

But beware of cheap online fees

Plenty of firms offer ostensibly cheap conveyancing often for £250- £300. There is no such thing as a free lunch so watch out! In our experience those firms will increase the actual disbursements you pay to bump up their fee. Listed on the left are pretty much all the disbursements you would have to pay in a conveyance. It isn’t an exact science and sometimes you have to pay for an additional search if it is warranted, But you shouldn’t have to pay a leasehold supplement or a mortgagee supplement or an indemnity supplement. These are usually solicitor’s own fees dressed up to look like a disbursements so their fee seems cheaper. We think this is disingenuous so we just don’t do it. What you are quoted by us is always what you will pay. If when we get the deeds there is a problem and other searches are necessary then we will tell you first and explain why. But this is rare.

We will also offer you - if you instruct us from our online site- a no sale-no fee deal. So we don’t charge you if you pull out. No fee. Not a thing. No catches. If we have carried out searches for you or you have had a survey done then clearly we cannot pay that for you but we will not charge you a bean unless you exchange contracts.

Please click below and let us know how much you are selling and or buying for and we will email you a full estimate. If you need an estimate for any other type of work then please do call us on the number below.